Morpholinos for blocking miRNAs

A Morpholino oligo can inhibit maturation & activity of an miRNA


Facilitating rapid peer review for Open Access research

current issue    Vol 5/ Issue 1

Biology Open (BiO) is an online Open Access journal that publishes peer-reviewed original research across all aspects of the biological sciences. BiO aims to provide rapid publication for scientifically sound observations and valid conclusions, without a requirement for perceived impact.

Authors are encouraged to submit work of appropriate scope and focus directly to BiO, in which case peer review will be undertaken and managed by an international board of research-active academic editors within each discipline, led by Editor-in-Chief Jordan Raff, and Deputy Editors Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis and John Speakman.

For authors who made their original submission to Development, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Experimental Biology or Disease Models & Mechanisms, there is a simple manuscript-transfer option should their paper not be accepted. Authors can request that their manuscripts be transferred for consideration in BiO. Under this service, existing peer review reports can be passed to BiO for a more-rapid publication decision. Where necessary, additional peer review may be undertaken.

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